5 Simple Ways To Protect from Data Diasaster

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Data protection is very important task. As a small business owner, you know your data is the life blood of your business. Protecting and securing vital information is often one of the most challenging and underappreciated tasks you face.

In a Small Office if team of 6 members working on computer data. Each one is working on data 8 hrs a Day.Total working hrs will be 8×6 = 48Hrs. per day.If disaster happens are you ready to recover from Data Disaster?

Think about the times you have lost a file, had a laptop stolen or a server crash. Or  for some of you, had your entire office lost to some disaster.

What did it take to recover your data? How long did it take? What is the cost of losing an order or key contacts and historical data for a customer?

All of these scenarios require a data protection strategy that allows you to recovery quickly and completely

There are different  scenarios of data loss or Data Corruption it may be Human error , file corruption or Malicious activity , Hardware failures , Server Failure ,

Data loss due to Natural Calamities .

Depending on the nature of the problem, sometimes a local copy of the data is the fastest and most reliable way to recover

In other instances there is no local copy (because the site is completely wiped out) and an off-site copy is the only option for recovery.

Another consideration for protecting your data is the ability to store data offsite in real time.


  • Backup Your Data Regularly , Make it Automatic process so that you can avoid human errors
  • Schedule your backups as require, Continuous, Every Few Hours.
  • On particular days at particular times depends upon severity of your Data
  • Backup Multiple copies of Data i.e. version
  • Keep Regular Restore check ups
  • Keep the Data Backup in Secondary Location.
  • No level of data protection is complete without keeping it safely archived in a secondary location.

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