Saving Cost On Computer Hardware

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Saving Cost While Designing Computer Lab 

Designing a Computer Lab Setup or design you IT Hardware setup in your organization  is quite tough Job.While designing a Computer lab setup many points to be taken into consideration like Which operating system are going to use, Which application software are going to use on system, printing volume, Capital cost investment & maintenance require during the period.


Green Energy Concept Powe

Setup with Thin Client

Designing a computer Lab with thin client system 

1 standard i3 based computer system cost Rs.30500/-

1 Thin client with Monitor & keyboard cost Rs.13500/-

20 Thin client with Monitor & Keyboard Cost=13500 x 20 = Rs.270000/-

Total Cost = Rs.300500/-

Cost Saving  65% to 70%


Setup with Traditional Desktop

Designing a computer Lab having 20 computers

1 standard computer cost Rs.22500/- each

20 Computer Cost ?

225500 x 20 = 450000/-


Cost Saving  65% to 70%

1 thin client power consumption 5 Watts +1 Led Monitor Consumption 35 Watts , Total Power consumption = 40 Watts

Total Power consumption =40×20  =800watts 

1 Computer power consumption 150 Watts +1 Led Monitor Consumption 35 Watts , Total Power consumption = 185 Watts

Total Power consumption =185 x20  =3700 watts 

Electricity Cost Saving  75% to 80%

Thin client is fan less device , no moving parts , Low power consumption device which is not having wear & tear, thin client simply connected to server system, so no maintenance required for Thin client system  

Computer is a set of Cpu, cpu fan Ram HDD, SMPS which requires maintenance as operating system is loaded on pc antivirus is also needed so the maintenance cost is high 

High Maintenance

Saving On Maintenance Cost 70%

Like above main benefits their are other benefits like space consumption , Thin client can be easily mount on back of monitor, 

Reduce the licensing cost even you don’t have to purchase separate anti virus for thin client.

Low power consumption which enable the green pc concept & reduces the carbon footprint.

In consideration with above benefits Thin Client is better option while setting up your IT Lab or Your Organization’s IT computer lab.

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