Cyber Security refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. 

First of all Solution to Cyber security Solution has never been simple. And because attacks evolve every day as attackers become more inventive. So it is critical to properly define cyber security and identify what constitutes good cyber security.

Similarly The Cyber security protects the data and integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network. Its purpose is to defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber-attack. Sometimes it even more harmful and damages the whole system.

Likewise the most difficult challenge in cyber security Solution is the ever-evolving nature of security risks themselves. Data Backup Is Preventive Measure to save your important data.


Utm Firewall Appliance Unified Threat management Firewall Protection for entire network. Cyber Security is must for every Organization Now a days.Deploying an Utm Firewall Appliance Firewall for the entire network is must in any IT Security policy. An Unified Threat Management UTM Appliance Firewall can protect from different threats coming in. Such as Spam, Phishing attacks.

Cyber Security using Utm Firewall which checks the incoming and outgoing data flow. With the archived records to check if the content is malicious or free of malware. If they are found malware free, they are permitted to pass through the network for the required user to access the data

Unified threat management (Utm firewall) provides multiple security features and services in a single device or service on the network, protecting users from security threats in a simplified way. By Installing UTM Firewall we get cyber security which  includes functions such as anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, and web filtering

We have also have other services like Data backup Solution, Time Attendance system,Online store for Mobile Consumables etc.





  • Monitoring and Intrusion Prevention
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Web Browsing Protection
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Load Balancing
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Application and Web Filtering
  • Email Filtering
  • Virtual Private Network  (WORK FROM HOME)

Protection is at Gate way Level ,Restrict unwanted Web Browsing improves Employee Productivity,VPN Enables to work from anywhere in secure manner.Get Protection any time every time.


Other Services