Server & Network IT Infrastructure Services:

Now a days every Small or Medium offices are equipped with Server setup to centralize their Data along with Networking setup of Computers.We at Aakar Computers provide IT Infrastructure services to cater the whole IT Infrastructure of the various Organizations.

Server setup not only help your business with data storage, but they will also improve efficiency and productivity.

It lets you  store important business data in a centralized location. This allows the various computers in the network to retrieve important data from the main location.

Networking setup of computers  helps the network users to share data files.

Some Networks are equipped with SERVER & THIN CLIENT Setup to use full Resource of the server and also for the cost effective purpose.

Users can share Resources such as printers, scanners, as well as You can share the software on various Computers workstations connected in the Network. Without computer networks, Resource sharing is not possible.

As employees can access data and information from any workstation it means they can work from home, while travelling or from a different office.We have other services Like Time & Attendance System, Online Store for Mobile Accessories, Computer and laptop Repair Center etc.

Server Setup and Network Setup Maintenance:

Maintenance is important for keeping Server Setup and the computer Network Setup of your business running in an optimal and reliable condition. The process involves having regular server diagnostics, updates, and patches installation, to protect all data and your server from crashing.

Maintenance of Network setup is basically means you have to do what it takes in order to keep a network up and running and it includes a number of tasks: Troubleshooting network problems. Hardware and software installation/configuration. Monitoring and improving network performance.Data Sharing and Implementing  Data Backup Strategy to run the infra structure update.It is also very important thing to keep your Computer System and Laptops running in the Network system.


  • We supply Setup and maintain the server and Network System.
  • Server Installation,Patches Deployment,User Level Access ,Active Directory Deployment.
  • Application Software Installation
  • Antivirus Deployment 
  • Structure Cabling Infrastructure
  • Routers, Internet sharing 
  • Printer Setup and sharing in Network System

Other Services